Tips on Choosing the Right Motorcycle Shoes

The feeling of freedom on the open road and the feel of the wind in your face is a hard thing to beat. If you are a motorcycle rider, you need a full set of gear to complete the experience and one important piece of that gear are the shoes.


                What Types of Motorcycle Shoes Are There

There is a variety of motorcycle shoes available on the market meant to suit your particular style and need. However, if you have never been shopping for ones before you might need to know the basics about the different types of motorcycle shoes.

  • Shorty Boots

These are the most common choice for beginner riders. They are relatively short – as you could have guessed by the name – and they can go as high as ten inches. These can be worn every day, and are the best starting point before you decide to invest in the next expensive pair of riding shoes.

Aside from motorcycle riders, these shoes/boots are also used by policemen and firefighters.

  • Tall Biker Shoes

Most of the bikers you will notice wear tall boots. They are mostly around 14 inches tall, and come in two major styles: tall harness biker boots and engineer style tall biker boots. These motorcycle shoes are excellent for some extra protection on the legs, since they cover a larger area, not only protecting them, but also keeping them warm against the wind.

  • Police Patrol and Motocross Shoes

Police patrol boots are higher than the tall biker boots by 3-4inches. They offer even greater protection and are favored by many because they can easily be customized.

Motocross boots are meant for off road riding. They are equipped with some additional technical features, but if you are not an off road rider, you will not make any use of them.

                What to Pay Attention to when Shopping for Motorcycle Shoes

There are a number of criteria that you need to look at before deciding on a particular pair, including:

  • Height – Ideally, your biker boots will cover the ankles at the very least. Anything above that only adds to the protection level.
  • Material – All motorcycle gear is primarily made to offer protection. That being said, the material is really important and boots made of thick leather are best for protection.
  • Closures – There are two major types – Velcro and laces. Some prefer the former, while others the latter.
  • Stitching – If you want to be sure you have a high quality motorcycle boot on your foot you will look for one that has double or even triple stitching.
  • Soles – Good soles means good grip. There are soft soles and hard soles. The former will offer better grip but will wear a lot faster, while the latter will offer less grip but will last longer.
  • Size – Every proper manufacturer will have a sizing guide that will help you find the right size for your feet. Don’t forget to put the socks you are normally wearing for riding in the equation.

If you wish to be taken seriously as a rider, don’t just use any sneakers as motorcycle shoes. There is a reason motorcycle gear exists, and regular sneakers will offer no protection whatsoever to your legs and ankles. Sandals are probably the worst for motorcycle riding.