8 Tips for Making Your Shoes Very Comfortable

Ideally, you would want your shoes to look like a million dollars and feel heavenly comfortable at the same time. However, that is hardly ever the case, and you are probably wondering how you make your favorite pair of shoes feel comfortable enough for you to be able to wear them as often as possible. Luckily, there are a number of things you can to do improve the feel and degree of comfort of your shoes. Here it goes:


Use Deodorant to Prevent Chafing

If you are suffering from chafing whenever you get a fresh pair of sandals or similar types of shoes, you can use the deodorant method. Simply rub it on the entire surface of the shoe, as well as the strap area, as it will greatly reduce friction, and enjoy a pleasant experience wearing your new pair of shoes.

Choose Adjustable Straps

Getting shoes that are equipped with straps or buckles will allow you to adjust it to fit perfectly on your feet and greatly reduce the risk of developing blisters and irritation.

Care for Your Shoes

Take your shoes to specialized shoe stores and have them professionally maintained and cared for. In the mean time you should learn a few specific maintenance techniques for the types of shoes you own to ensure that you will be able to use them as long as possible.

Get Shoe Stretchers

Obviously, this is something you will be using whenever you need to break a fresh pair of shoes. Don’t hesitate to use your shoe stretcher as it will give your new shoes more flexibility, which will make them feel better while wearing and reduce the risk of unwanted pain and injuries.

Shop at Night

The worst period of the day to shop for shoes is in the morning. Your feet swell during the day thanks to you being active and being on the move, which is why it’s recommended that you buy new shoes only after your feet have swollen. That way, you will know your new shoes will not be too tight or small by the end of the day.

Check your Feet Size

The length and width of your feet varies depending on your age, and you shouldn’t expect to stay in the same shoe size forever. That is why you need to check your measurements by a professional, and then head to the local store for shoes of that particular size.

Silicon Gel Inserts to the Rescue

There are many occasions where you have tried your new shoes in the store and they felt heavenly, but after wearing them for a week you start to regret your decision. You can remedy the situation by inserting silicone gel inside, especially at the heels to make them more comfortable and suit your feet shape better.

Taping Toes

Yes, that is a real thing. The catch is to tape your third and fourth toe together, which greatly reduces the risk of pain due to wearing uncomfortable shoes. It’s all about nerves and you can reduce the stress put on them by simply taping two toes together.

Now that you know all these tips and hacks you can go out and get those magnificent shoes you saw the other day, but didn’t buy because they were too uncomfortable.