5 Tips for Choosing the Right Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are very popular among people nowadays. They are used by men and women who play basketball professionally, or as a hobby, but also by people who are not playing basketball at all. However, if you are serious about playing basketball you need to look a bit further than colors, designs and style.


There are several key features that should help you find the right basketball shoe for you.

  1. Playing Style

The first thing to take into consideration is the playing style and needs. Every basketball player needs a shoe that has cushioning, provides support and is flexible. However, these vary depending on the style of play – are you a speed player or a power player; an offensive or defensive player etc.

Cushioning is one aspect important for all types of players. Most are ready to sacrifice support and flexibility due to several reasons. For example, a nice flexible shoe will offer less support, and the other way around.

The weight of the shoe is also important. For example, if you are a speed player, you would need a pair of lightweight shoes.

  1. Ankle Height

The height of the basketball shoes will also depend on your role in the team and your style of play. There are three main types of basketball shoes in terms of height: low, mid and high top.  Speed players require their ankles to be free in order to move easier, while power players benefit more from high-top shoes. All-around players who can play and adjust to different positions and roles during a game favor mid-top shoes.

  1. Sizing

It may sound pretty straightforward, but many people don’t get their shoes in the correct size. Most people simply ask for the same size number they have been wearing for years, failing to take into account that your feet size changes over the years. It is important to take your measurements every time you go shopping for any type of shoes, basketball or others.

Sacrificing the fit for fashion is a normal thing nowadays, but a wrong thing nonetheless. You may find the correct length, but bear in mind that the width of the shoe must fit perfectly as well.

  1. Try Before You Buy

Trying basketball shoes in the local stores around you is one thing, but you need to be more careful when buying shoes online. Thankfully, most decent online stores nowadays have convenient return policies, in case you realize that the shoes you got are not actually right for you.

One important thing to remember is to always wear the type of socks you plan on wearing with a particular pair of shoes.

  1. Don’t Hesitate to Compare Brands and Models

Your safest bet is to purchase shoes from a well-known, established brand. Check if anything stands out in the stitching, or if there is any visible glue left on the shoes. Also, don’t be afraid to spend some time comparing prices. Most of the times the ones that cost more are generally of higher quality, but that’s not always the case.

If you plan on using your new basketball shoes for actually playing basketball, don’t just look for a nice looking pair. They need to be comfortable and appropriately built for you needs if you wish to have a pleasant playing experience and stay away from painful injuries.